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Thread: Bilshot - Ain't No Sunshine (Remix)

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    Default Bilshot - Ain't No Sunshine (Remix)

    Here is the youtube video for one of my tracks I made a couple of years back:

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    nice video mate. Hey please support local & international talent order a copy of one of my dvds thanks in advance Roy.

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    Cheers bruv.


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    Default Re: Bilshot - Ain't No Sunshine (Remix)

    Love the Aint no Sunshine vocal in the chorus. Cool track, got a ill vibe to it.
    Make sure you check out the rapper that I manage, Infinite Stylez:

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    Default Re: Bilshot - Ain't No Sunshine (Remix)

    Solid, brah ... good onya! Love the beat, love the rap. Don't much care for the chipmunk vocal, but that's just a personal thing and lots of folks do, so I'm still going to give you a 9.5 out of 10.

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    Cheers for the feed back people! -peace


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