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Thread: Looking For Content Writers

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    Default Looking For Content Writers

    I've got a website I'm releasing in August that is centered around sample-based music production. The website will contain articles about sampling, tutorials, videos, and other resources useful to those that work with samples, whether it be through FL Studio or an MPC.

    I am willing to pay for quality content through PayPal and I am especially interested in the following subjects:

    - Tutorials on creating sampled beats with Reason
    - Tutorials on creating samples with ReCycle
    - Tutorials on using an MPD with FL Slicer
    - Tutorials on using a MIDI Controller with FL Slicer
    - Videos of you creating a sampled beat (must be able to show proof)

    Along with payment via PayPal, I'll be crediting you with the content on the website and I'll feature a selected piece of your own work in the Showcase section that I have planned for those that want to share their sampled beats with others.

    How much will you get paid?

    Base $0.01 per word (industry standard rate).
    Bonuses for including screen shots (people love pictures).
    Bonuses for English quality (I'll pay you more if I don't have to go through your article and correct 10,000 things, such as incorrect use of capitalization, misspelling, et cetera).
    Bonuses for bulk work that is of exceptional quality.

    Basically, I need some additional content to get the site launched in August and I'm going to busy the next month setting up websites, preparing for school, and all that good stuff. If you have knowledge in the areas that I need content on, you've got a nice opportunity to make some extra cash.

    If you are interested, leave a post in this topic or send me a PM and we'll go from there.
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    Default Re: Looking For Content Writers

    You still doing this justin?

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