Hey guys, i'm sure you're tired of seeing me recruiting lol

But anyways first off, last go around I picked some GREAT PRODUCERS, but they had their own things they were trying to run & get poppin, which I understand 100%. So I ended up having to cut everyone and stop the whole thing. So I'm back looking for the next batch of producers who are ready to WORK & GET PAID. Below are requirements.

1. MUST HAVE NO PRIOR AFFILIATIONS - I need producers who are dedicated to my label 100%. If you have your own label/projects etc then I can't use you.

2. MUST MAKE NEW BEATS ON A REGULAR BASIS - I need producers who can keep at least 2-3 new beats each week. I had a couple producers last go around that only sent me a couple beats on a monthly basis or so.

3. MUST MAKE HOT BEATS - I really don't have time to try and groom producers. If you not making hits then I can't use you. Simple as that.

4. MUST HAVE TWITTER AND USE IT ON A REGULAR BASIS - Twitter is a major platform I've been using to sell beats & stay connected with artists. If every producer has twitter accounts it makes it easier for us all to promote each other & stay connected.

5. MUST HAVE PAYPAL - self explanatory, if you want to get paid you must have it.

Now those are the basic requirements. I am not requiring producers to sign contracts and such to be on my team. So therefore at any time if you feel that you want to move on to another venture with your beats, you have no complications in doing so. Now for the perks.

1. HAVE YOUR BEATS SUBMITTED TO HOT INDIE/MAJOR ARTISTS - I send beats out regularly to artists in the music industry. If I feel beats you have sent to me fit the criteria needed, I will send them. If the Artist/Label wants your beat(s) I direct them to you & you handle the business/money side.

2. SOUNDS & DRUMKITS - I do my best to stay on top of new kits & sounds that come out. I will make sure that once I have them you'll have them. Sometimes I purchase kits & sounds, which in turn will be free to you.

3. NO COMMISSIONS - I do not ask for any money off your beat sales. All I ask is that you help promote the other producers beats as well as your own the player site.

4. NO COST TO YOU - I will handle all fees for website setup, beat player purchases, hosting, etc. YOU PAY NOTHING.

5. PROMO BEAT TAPES - I am deeply considering dropping beat tapes again on DATPIFF.com which will give us extra promo/potential customers. When I did my own beat tape series I was on the top 8 for the day 26 times in a row. The downloads/listens numbers were HIGH.

As of right now these are perks that I can PROMISE you. As things progress there may be more in store for you.

One extra thing. When it comes to payments, I will have to send them out manually via Paypal. I will send them out as soon as beats are sold, but if Paypal starts charging extra, then i'll have to start sending on a weekly basis.

If you have any questions, please post them here & I'll do my best to answer them

If INTERESTED in joining up please send 2-3 of your BEST beats to blue@whoisbluejones.com with the subject "BCMG RECRUIT" If I think you're a good fit you will be contacted immediately.