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Thread: Looking for Talent only..

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    Default Looking for Talent only..

    My name is HRRSN and I am a Singer/Producer, currently working on my new EP. I would love to collaborate with some members because I think there is some real Talent on here. So if you are a Rapper or if you got Beats that you think would fit me, holla at me!!

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    Default Re: Looking for Talent only..

    yo I'm from chi-town, I'm working on my 4th mix tape. I'm down to collar but yu gotta be guud, i aint gone lie, send me sum of yur stuff I'm a rapper juss to let yu kno.

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    Default Re: Looking for Talent only..

    yo im down to collab hit me with an email .. and i also make beats so if u ever need somethin hot than hmu
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    Default Re: Looking for Talent only..

    count me in, check out my tracks on soundcloud -peace

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    Default Re: Looking for Talent only..

    I'm interested, I have a website full of beats. Leave me a PM if you're interested in a certain beat, same goes for the remixes I've done. Thanks. BLacKJaCKX-21ACE's sounds on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

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    Default Re: Looking for Talent only..

    I'm interested in your singing services. I sent you a facebook message with my email in it. please let me know if you do not see it.
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    Default Re: Looking for Talent only..

    im down for collabs dude ... email is


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