Okay here's the deal.

I've approach by quite a few people in my community about website management. I'm creating packages that should be considered reasonably priced; however, in order for this service to be effective, I can only work with 5 more clients. Contact me if you're looking for a website manager.

This is how it works.

I'm well aware that people don't have the time needed to maintain a website; however, it doesn't mean you shouldn't have one. So, the way this works is simple. Once we talk about your specific website goals, you send me the content for your website. After I've received the content, I'll take a look at it and send you a bill for the job. Pay when your ready. I will upload your content, start creating your graphics, create or redesign your website only after payment has cleared PayPal.

  1. Must have web hosting with cPanel access. PM me if you don't know what web hosting is.
  2. Must show active involvement within the hip-hop community via video streams, press articles, or any other type of track record.
  3. Must provide your own content for website uploading and customization.

I'm posting this in the Music Collaborations section because part of my services include online marketing campaigns using social media tools that I've acquired over the years. And, website design is a collaborative projects, as well as marketing campaigns. My other services are website set-up, management, maintenance, customization, graphics, template redesign, and more. If you're reading this and already own a website, let's link up. Just send me a PM or choose from the contact links on my website; click the url below.