Hey Guys

Firstlty let me thank you for clicking the thread and reading through this information,

I am Drage Two-One, I am a producer, and occassional MC,

I have noticed that a lot of people are doing free mixtapes, I believe this is a great way to get promotion for my material and of course help with promotion for other peoples material,

I am an unknown artist trying to make a name for my self as a producer, and i know a lot of people are trying to make names for them self as MC's/Rappers/Singers etc etc,

Therefor the plan is to create a Mixtape, the tape will have between 15-30 tracks, all of which will feauture different artists, i will be on a few tracks with a one of my boys,

The rest of the tracks is where you guys come in, i am currently producing more and more tracks, with different sounds etc, so that the tape is more diverse,
Then there will be 2 tracks which will feauture 4 to 6 artists and will be like remixs and will basically just be tracks where the artist has the opportunity to just go in, do there thing and show what they do,

I currently have 2 london Mc's that i am waiting to confirm, An MC from coventry called Skippy artist with one of the tracks recording this week, as well as a few american MC's that i am in contact with at the minute about different features, I have two people creating hooks which will be ready in the next few weeks, I also have some artists from leicester in mind who i am looking to get in touch with,

Basically I am now looking for more artists to jump on this tape, the plan would be for different MCs/Rappers to spit on one of my beats, and then to get some Singers to help lay some more hooks down,

The Mixtape will be up for a free D/L, however there would be a single or two, which i would have be released on itunes and that, of course if that happens then a generous % of sales would come to you the artist,

I am not looking to make quick money from a single, i am looking to improve in production, and make some music with other people to help both myself and you get promotion,

As for the tape its self, the tape is all about promotion, its free D/L and is a chance for me to get my beats heard, and at the same time for artists to show what they can do and who they are and to help get them promotion, the majority of this is being done free, and for favours, mutual benifits etc,

The Tape will be my first ever mixtape, and my first full project, that is why i am trying to recruit both established artists and up and coming artists, singers, songwriters, hook makers etc etc, i want this to be massive, that is also why i am recruiting Artists from all walks of life, all areas as well, from UK to US, From Austalia to France, where ever you are i am talking to you,

I will have a budget by the end of the process for promotion, which will involve a video to some tracks, flyers, demos being sent out, CD copies being handed out, internet advertisment, paying for ad space in magazines etc, i will be funding all of this with a friend,

The way the artists have been getting tracks done, is simply they check the soundclick, they decide on the track they wanna do, whether it will be a 8 or 16 bar feauture or a full track, then i send them the track, they record the vocals and send back, i then master the tracks through another mate of mine,

The mixtape is hopefully gonna be released in december with a few singles in the build up to this period, for more promotion,

As i say, this is not something where you will get paid $$$ it is being done, free, i am using my beats, i just need the vocals, in return you will get promotion in every area i can find, from magazine to internet,

If any singles are released then the Artists on those track will get a fair and generous % of sales, although we will be able to discuss this when that time come, this process is all about Promotion for both myself and you guys as artists and creating something special,

If you need any more information please get back to me with any questions, and let me know what you are willing to do,

In the meantime check out SoundClick artist: drage21 - page with MP3 music downloads

Email me @ drage_norey@hotmail.co.uk with the subject as December Mixtape

or Get at me on Twitter @jack_drage

Many Thanks, look forward to hearing from you, and hopefully working with you in the near future

Drage Two-One