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Thread: Anyone Trynna Help produce a mixtape?

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    Default Anyone Trynna Help produce a mixtape?

    Heres My last Project >

    But I'm stepping away from using other peoples beats for this one...

    The Direction I'm heading in, is the Pop Ready, but Underground approved type.. sooo somewhere around kanye, drake, cudi, posner, where.. Its a little pop-ish, but has a lot of depth to it and is really well written...

    I was thinking sorta like, The old school soul, with new school energy... you know...? I produce a little myself, and I found a cool sound in using really gritty break loops and combining them with synthy mainstream sounds...

    All My work gets promoted, I'm a Regular on You can search me.. I'm going to promote this one to the fullest though, locally and online because its my first Serious project where the last was experimental.

    so anyone interested let me know. thanks.

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    Default Re: Anyone Trynna Help produce a mixtape?

    i got beats for you...hit me up

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    Default Re: Anyone Trynna Help produce a mixtape?

    KamKomissioner's Channel - YouTube
    hit me up, i can do just about every general style.
    sample heavy boom-bap, synthy pop but my specialty are the weird-ish kinda hip-hop beats.
    message me if you're interested.

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    Default Re: Anyone Trynna Help produce a mixtape?

    Please link up with me i am mos def willing to take part in this project.. my email is


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