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Canada Ontario Whitby city
I am a...:
DJ, Writer, Music Fan
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BSB, Michel Jackson, NKOTB, Britney Spears, Tiesto, Avicii & David Guetta
Since I was a little kid I use to love certain female solo singer and every time they were
on the radio or TV I always end up runnin to listen to them or to see and listen to them.
Another time time my parents took my brother and I to see Snow White play ans before
the play a guy came on stage to introduce a girl the girl came on stage and started to
sing but poor girl no one was payin attention to her so the guy came back out to wrap
her up and then the guy as if any of the kids wanted to come on stage and sing a song,
you can imagine by now that I just started to run towards the stage to start singing a
Christmas song called "Los Peces En El Rio" in English would be "The Fishes In The
River". My parents turn to see me but was too late I was pretty much on stage (if not
almost there), they toll me that they just pretty much "shrink". Once on stage I started
to sing the Christmas son and tellin people to clap and BELIEVE IT OR NOT they
actually started to clap with me while I was singing the Christmas. I dont recall my
life as little kid I know this cause my mom and my dad have toll me.

As I kept growin up, my interest started to grow without I realize it. One time my dad
got from a coworker a music program with its book, I remember I use a male solo
singer and with one of his ballads I remember I loop the intro and I didn`t even
know how, then I lost the program and its book for one reason or another. Later on,
my mom found near by from where we use to live a studio called 199 Studios, I
went and is here where I learn bout Reason, back then it was on sale version
2.5, I felt in love with the program. Is here at this time of my life when I realize there
is a special connection between me and the music. Time kept just passin by and
slowly I kept fallin for the music until I realize I was just completely lost for the
music I just felt in love for the music, now music is my passion has become part
of my life and if music is missin in my life I know I`m gonna be completely lost,
music is what my heart needs to keep beatin, I love music such a strong and
powerful source of feelings, is hard for me to tell whats goin on with me what
I have inside of me if is not through music, I have always know music is my best
friend a friend that will never judge me a friend that will always be there when I
need the most in good and in bad times it doesn`t matter what time of the day.
I just know I need music to keep me alive I wouldn`t be myself without music.
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