The story has broken and has the whole world talking about what really went down inside of that small V.I.P area in club W.I.P Tuesday night. Its really simple Chris Brown sent Drake's table a bottle, instead of saying thank you kid sir drake sends a letter back to Chris saying "And I'm Still Fucking The Love Of Your Life"

The facts after that seem to be a bit blurry but what we can prove from eye witness recall "Drake and his secret service all approached Chris" Standing behind everyone Drake yells "Whats up now" Hands in the air as if he was challenging brown to a fight. The two began to tussle through security and that is when a bottle was thrown and 8 people were injured including the 2 people whom were later hospitalized. Chris Brown's security has a slash in his forehead that could have let his brain pour out, a very disgusting sight. we have video of the incident here

After the story hit the web and went viral blogs began to point the finger at Meek Mill. Saying he was the "aggressor" and it was he whom started the fight? Meek mill tweeted "It wasn't me (shaggy voice)" and also went on the record to say that he was not involved in the fight he was just there like everyone else that night.

Drakes camp released a statement saying he had nothing to do with the fight in the club and they deny any wrong doing.

NYPD call bullshit! After you have women with 16 stitches in their heads and clubs shut down due to violence their has to be an investigation! probing the matter the police department has captured Chris Brown's full coperation where they have named him the victim. He and his attorney have presented them with evidence not yet known to prove that Drake was the one whom started the altercation. We are not sure what the evidence is but this day and age and technology its more than likely an actual video of drake throwing the bottle.

If that is the case he needs to watch out because the lawsuits will come out of the wood work and then their will be the formal arrest and charge of the guilty. Drake has also given a statement and is helping with the investigation but if he knows he threw that bottle he might want to lawyer up and not lie anymore because it will make matters that much worst.

Its about to get really bad over Rihanna we will keep you updated.