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Thread: Suicidal singer will try to make a comeback?

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    Default Suicidal singer will try to make a comeback?
    does anione remember him?
    he had that big hit i like that wit chingy,i-20,nate dogg and yeaa
    and then all of a sudden u hear evrywhere that he tried to commit suicide
    He was reportedly dealing with emotional troubles and it came to a head one night in early 2005 while he was on tour in London. Before a show, Summers suffered an emotional breakdown and reportedly tried to commit suicide by jumping from a window, while under the influence of PCP. When people in his entourage stopped him, he was restrained and locked in a first floor room. While in that room, Summers then proceeded to gouge his left eye out in a fit of rage.[2] Shortly thereafter, Summers was taken off tour, and returned home to his family in Los Angeles. (The Summers family, who were not in attendance during the incident, insists the entire situation was just an "accident", and that management is attempting to slander him). It was reported that singer Houston is a schizophrenic and didn't take his medication that day because his fear of side effects. [3] Houston is set to play Orion in the 2007 movie Tournament of Dreams [4].

    and now according to his myspace hes going to make a comeback wit a brand new album in 2008.
    if u dont believe me look
    this will b one of tha biggest comebacks recently,and no jay-z's kingdom come doesnt count.

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    Default Re: Suicidal singer will try to make a comeback?

    I do remember, and I knew who you were talking about even before I opened up and read this

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    Default Re: Suicidal singer will try to make a comeback?

    LOL. Hell yes! He should change his name from Houston to One Eyed Willie. Awe that was horrible.

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    Default Re: Suicidal singer will try to make a comeback?

    Crazy muthafucka.
    They said that he thought he was Jesus when he was on PCP, and wanted to go home to his father.
    And lmao @ $horty.

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