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Thread: Review: MMG Self Made 2 Poppin or Floppin

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    Icon4 Review: MMG Self Made 2 Poppin or Floppin

    The one thing this album did was make me want to find out more about their artist "Stalley" I like his lyrical content ALOT. He is the other side of the music that rick ross and his team come out with and I enjoyed his him on this album.

    I give the album an overall 6.57 i was talking to clinton earlier and i told him the album didnt have any features i was wrong the shit is full of them lol I guess its hard for me to tell the differences in these people when they all rap the same. And I dont know what album I had maybe i wasnt paying attention but I dont remeber hearing Nas On it.

    here is the official tracklisting

    1. Power Circle (feat. Rick Ross & Kendrick Lamar) - By Gunplay, Stalley, Wale & Meek Mill - 6 Stars

    This song is long as hell with no kind of hook or bridge the beat is okay Rick Ross's rant had me like -___- it was a decent song lyrically Meel Mill and Wale killed this as well as Gunplay reason why i gave 6 stars is because of the fact 3 spitters actually came hard on this.

    2. Black Magic (feat. Rick Ross) - By Meek Mill - 6 Stars

    Meek carried this song! this Rick Ross hook was corn ball. I believe that they didnt feel like Meek could carry the whole song so they threw Rick Ross on the hook it was stupid and i still cant figure out why all the David Coperfield refrences Rick Ross destroyed what would have been a good song.

    3. This Thing Of Ours (feat. Rick Ross & Nas) - By Wale & Omarion - 8 Stars

    Smooth Vibe I have to say all the songs ricky doesnt do the hook on are my favorites and all of the songs with Wale and or Omarion are stand out songs really brung the chill cool vibe to the project.

    4. All Birds (feat. French Montana) - By Rick Ross - 5 Stars

    Lyrically its like Eh but the beat is what makes you keep listening

    5. Actin' Up (feat. French Montana) - By Wale & Meek Mill - 4 Stars

    hook is annoying as fuck and the most repeative thing ive herd in a very long time. The concept is funny tho I wasnt really feeling Wale verse as much as Meeks only because just yesterday i herd wale on the ready begging for love so his verse is an oxy moran lol

    6. Fountain Of Youth (feat. Rick Ross & Nipsey Hussle) - By Stalley - 8 Stars

    on of the highlight stand out songs for sure the hook is nice beat is dope eveything is on

    7. I Be Puttin' On (feat. Wiz Khalifa, French Montana & Roscoe Dash) - By Wale - 7 Stars

    Starts of strong and goes downhill as it progresses but still a good song for the club

    8. The Zenith (feat. Rick Ross) - By Wale & Stalley - 8 Stars

    Song is ill Wale murked this shit

    9. M.I.A. - By Omarion & Wale - 9 Stars

    my favorite song on the whole album nothing bad about this song sept rick ross voice on it for no reason i really hated that about this album

    10. Bag Of Money (feat. Rick Ross & T-Pain) - By Wale & Meek Mill - 8 Stars

    first single off the album it was okay to say the least if it wasnt for that 300,000 T-Pain feature wouldnt have been what it was T-pain and wale carried this song

    11. Let's Talk (feat. Rick Ross) - By Omarion - 7 Stars

    I like this song but again Rick Ross is the killer of it for me

    12. Black On Black (feat. Ace Hood & Bun B) - By Gunplay - 3 Stars

    trying to recrate a wack song (2pac's back) is not going to make you have a hot song bun b went off but after that i was like this shit ass lol

    13. Fluorescent Ink (feat. Rick Ross) - By Stalley & Wale - 9 Stars

    3rd favorite song on the album behind foutain of youth this song hit hard

    14. Bury Me A G (feat. T.I.) - By Rick Ross - 4 stars

    nice to hear tip but im tired of his same lyrical content for all of these years he should be giving us something different he is the same tip from urban legend that is kinda lame dont you think?

    overall the production on this album was above adverage lyrical content average everything about this album as average besides the few stand out tracks. Only reason i would say it is worth your money because it has the 5 required hot songs that tell a person it is safe to buy an album for 10 dollars. Looking at the fact you have 14 songs and you only got about 4 to 5 hits is a problem. They are projecting 90,000 in sales in the first week i dont see it i see 70,000 at most and it will go down hill from there. This album will take another 2 music videos and a tour to see platinum status. What are your views? <)~~~ Review the album here

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    Default Re: Review: MMG Self Made 2 Poppin or Floppin

    Haven't listened to this yet, but I could understand your Rick Ross points....about a month ago I played through a bunch of his youtube videos, and damn near every song sounded the same


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