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Thread: Lil wayne takes the bait responds to pusta t [audio]

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    Icon4 Lil wayne takes the bait responds to pusta t [audio]

    It is all out warfare Lil Wayne has responded to Pusha T's Exodus 23:1 with his very own diss track Goulish

    Very short very direct very to the point no indirect shots straight for your head like nigga im talking to you.

    People are saying that wayne's track is subpar and not hard me i say one for ymcmb

    why because they skipped the bullshit and the speculations and said listen bitch u got a problem wit me say u do cause i got one with you and heres what it is fuck pusha t and everybody that love him cause he hatin on me

    i fucks with that what do yall think?

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    Default Re: Lil wayne takes the bait responds to pusta t [audio]

    So i was wrong in the last post...this is killin pusha t's track...its no guessing here, no denying...none of that. Good battle.
    Get out that box.


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