Dear Nicky,

Whats up Barb, I am not really a fan of your's i do not follow you, your shows or you as a person. I know you come from a tough life a rough west indian background and you came to ny and all of that. I know that much about you. I even seen those videos that people say isn't you but look a lot like you and sound a lot like you of you dressed up like a lesbian stud. If you don't remember I will include in here for you.

Now that you have watched the video's of yourself before you went under the knife and got your booty injections to become this barbie doll this image of a person that you are not lets move on. What have you done? Was changing your whole presents getting plastic surgery and pretending to love dick not enough for you? You went and sold your soul to the Illuminati?

If I walked around and did stupid shit and talked to myself and walked around acting crazy people would try to have me locked up someplace with a straight jacket but some how you can say a voice in your head made you delete your twitter? you don't have no real reason as to why you deleted your twitter but you just did??

Okay so the voice told you to delete your twitter, you have given these voices in your head names and they perform on your rap songs???? Am I the only one that thinks that is absolutely insane? she blinks her eyes open and shut like demon dolls and moves her body all weird like she is possessed and even if that is some sort of gimmick why the fuck are we feeding into it and why is this grown ass women sitting here doing this shit??

I am not fooled by you Nicky I see that you are being controlled and Stack Beezy is nothing more than your handler, who himself is being handled by Weezy. You kissed open mouthed with the queen of the Illuminati Madonna on camera and loved it. How come all you Illuminati babies kiss Madonna after your public inductions to this secret society then you go on some strange programing and decoding phase where nobody can exsplain your actions and the things that you are doing.

Are you coming out of your programming Nicky? Do you realize that you are now and forever in the Illuminati and the only way out is death? When you were at the Grammy's having your exoticism giving them your soul wasn't enough? When you were inducted at the super bowl you still hadn't seen your future baby? So you delete your twitter huh? no reason in the world you are a multi-million dollar pop star and you delete your access to over 11 million of your fans and supporters for no reason? No Reason at all besides a little voice in your head said too. You know what that sounds like to me nicky?

this is one of the worlds most famous Illuminati breakdown's ever Britney damn spears she was losing her damn mind her men her children her money her fame her fans everything after trying to break free from her programming of the Illuminati but that is your sister you understand exactly why she had to shave her head huh?

Mariah Carey on TRL 1999 breaking down this video show's you prime example's of your sister's coming out of their Illuminati programming and you didnt no what the fuck you were getting into? Look at her she look's scared to death breathing all hard not making no since and to top it all off doesn't belong their and this is a live recording and u are doing what exactly?

Meanwhile, Nicki claims a voice in her head told her to delete her twitter account earlier this week after she got angry about her music being leaked online but Nicki has pleaded for her fans to stand by her. She explained: 'A voice in my head told me to delete my twitter and that's what I did. I had 11 million followers and I hope they will wait for me. I miss my Barbz, please wait for me.' (Monster & Critics)
really? wait for you? wait for you to try to be normal again? it is too late the Illuminati got you you have submitted to them.

I am writing you this because a lot of people are unaware of the Illuminati and the plan and what it is doing to polotics, music fashion and pretty much everything we pay attention too in the world. I understand your soul is the price of fame these days and I also understand comparing where a lot of these people are from selling your soul to in witch you left years ago doesn't seem like much for millions of dollars. It isnt until you realize that you have been manipulated into a plan of dysfunctional and devil worship rituals as well as mass production of ignorant music created to keep the minds of African american youth dumb. Perpetuating violence and sex making our children believe music and drug dealing is the only future of any of us!

Shame on you for joining such a cult and then having the nerve to break down publicly and then put an album out further marketing the fucked up mind controlling way's or the illuminati's hip-hop Subdivision. I am not trying to educate people on the Illuminati the information is there for the public to learn about you and your filthy group.

You however are a disgrace and I am enjoying the front row seat of your break down and your sabbatage because I know what is next. You will either begin to fall off and vanish into nothingness and do little video's about how you broke free from the slavery of it all and now you are just trying to make it in the business meanwhile your level of fame is at a 0. OR you will fall in line with your programming and we will see nothing but sucess from you. You will reinstate your twitter account and you will follow the orders of your handlers. LMFAO