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    Yo, ya'll here that new Game track "Dear Mr. President?" If not:

    This is a smart idea in my opinion. He actually admitted that he was kicked out of G-Unit. Game is actually being mature for this moment. I'd actually be happy if they cool with each other. What yall think.

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    Meh, they'll all be butt-buddies and then will start dissing again.

    *cough*publicity stunts*cough

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    *cough* yeah... funny to exploit g-unit crips for a death via gunshot in tulsa... but forget to mention the games years of "bloody" actions...

    if what the media states in its presses are true, games and g-units beef runs deeper than words and money... if what they say is true... the beef will never settle...


    "Problems are the price you pay for progress."


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