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Thread: Whats good fam

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    Default Whats good fam

    Ay wassup this I go by DJ Prezzident, Im from Kansas City Missouri. Ive been a dj for a good minute now and producing for a little under a year. Yea im new, but I really enjoy doing it and im gettin better as time goes on. Only reason I havent started before is because I finally got tha money to get tha stuff about a year ago. Im only 18 but been on my own since 13 so i know how tha world works and im a lot older than my age... ive met a number of very famous ppl through my work - Tech N9ne, all of Slaughterhouse, Bonethugz, Wiz Khalifa, Luda, and Plies just to name a few. Im a one hell of a networker, so I get my shit out there like no other.. Besides producing and djing i promote heavily for my 2 artists Tok5'1 & Twichi$, who make up tha group Mizzery, and they are gonna be big soon... They were signed to Capitol Records before tha recession came around and fucked everyone and they had to drop them before they released an album, but now we are talking to a few different big labels tryina get shit poppin. Ive also produced for Royce da 5'9 and many underground artists. My main goal/dream is to co-produce a track with Dr. Dre and have Eminem rap on it and one day that will happen.

    Anyways thats me I do this full time. My only money comes from this, goes into this, and thats how I want it to always be.


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    Default Re: Whats good fam

    Sup Dj
    good to see u here
    welcome to cp
    and be cool and stay active around tha forumz


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