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Thread: Buda-Ba-Ba - The Champ is here, WOO! sup yall!

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    Default Buda-Ba-Ba - The Champ is here, WOO! sup yall!

    Whasup yall?!
    WOOO!!! The Champ is here haha... And I've come to bless yall with my music.

    Basically, there's not much to this lil producer.. I'm 20 years young and been producing for about 4 years now.. I produce R&B and Hip Hop music. I'm looking to network and callaborate with people who are passionate about their music like I am.

    My toolbox consists of the following:

    My baby - the MPC 2500
    My 2nd Baby - the Stanton t80
    Cubase SX 3 - Mix/Mastering - Vsts: Sampletank2 and korg legacy 2 (the 2 I most use)
    Cool Edit Pro - For chopping... And tweaking.

    And my soon to be mistress - haha.. Yamaha Motif!! (Can't wait to get this.. Next month yall!)

    I started off as a sample based producer and slowly began learning the keys.. Chords, progressions, and now I'm pretty fluent in finding the key of a track and playing the melodies out on my keyboard.. So nowadays, I try and incorporate both flavors in my music, sometimes on the same track..

    Anyways, I'm always up for a project and I'm really dedicated to my work..So check out my myspace, hit me up sometime.. Lemme know what's up.
    (I took down my other mixes for now.. I'm working on a few others and plan to post them up as soon as they're done)

    Buda-ba-ba.. The Champ is here.. WOO! haha.. Love that sample.

    -Autumn Reign

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    Default Re: Buda-Ba-Ba - The Champ is here, WOO! sup yall!

    welcome.contribute.stay active.have fun.yea tha song u listenin to is tite rite.and nice avatar.

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    Default Re: Buda-Ba-Ba - The Champ is here, WOO! sup yall!

    welcome to the site, hope u stick around :thumbup:
    Iain Meddicks
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    Default Re: Buda-Ba-Ba - The Champ is here, WOO! sup yall!

    Nice introduction man, welcome to Crazypellas, stay active and enjoy the site :thumbup:

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    Default Re: Buda-Ba-Ba - The Champ is here, WOO! sup yall!

    hahah Nice quote! Hope yall caught that video..If not, check youtube for PS3 smashing.

    The guy waits in line for like hours for the ps3... Buys it, goes outside in the middle of all the people waiting.. And takes a huge ass sledge hamemr to it hahah.... hilarous.. Some people were pissed off, som people thought it was funny.

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