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    Yo wats good everybody my name is Benjamin Cross. Im 20 years old living in downtown orlando. im a producer and Nursing Home owner(why nursing homes. Theres alot of money in Nursing Homes). i make alot of techno, trance and house beats. i also make hip hop beats but i dont really do that much hip hop beats because honestly there really not tat hard to make. when it comes to techno and house beats you really got to have alot of skill and use your beat making program to its fullest.(i use fruity loops 8 by the way) plus hip hop music became so much like trash it made me SICK. so i started doing other genres and fell in love wit techno. i travel baq and fourth to the UK and making a name for myself out there. so tats my intro

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    'lo and welcome. Hope to see you 'round the forums.

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    wassup B C ? welcome 2 the site , nize intro.
    stay active and enjoy ;)



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