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Thread: What Should My Pricing Be?

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    Icon5 What Should My Pricing Be?

    I've been dabbling in graphic design for about a year now with photoshop CS3 and I think I'm ready to start selling my services. I want to design things like mixtape covers, album covers, banners, flyers, and things like that. Mind that I haven't sold any graphics yet and I'm just getting started in the business, what should my prices be? Or should I design for free?

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    In most businesses where your amount of success is based almost entirely on your portfolio, design some for free. Or, make up things, like make a fake album cover, make fake company logos, etc. This'll build up your portfolio quickly and will show potential clients your ability as a graphics artist.

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    dont design for free. if you are a beginner and not an huge talent you wont be a pro after one year of photoshop.
    here is how you can culculate you prices.
    1. depends on you:
    -how much time do i need to make the demanded graphics. if you only put 2 days effort in a graphics you should charge more than a 20 min. piece.
    - look around on myspace and try to find a designer that has a price list...(which is not so good actually) compare your skills to his and match the prices.
    - do a cover and first think of yourself as a client and estimate what you would pay for it.
    (you could aslo post a "demo" cover here and we can judge it.)

    2. depends on the client
    - you shouldnt over charge the 12 year old rapper who just wants something on his first low quality mixtape to give to his friends. but if 50 cent asks you for a cover then you should add some zeros to your price. since 50s cover will be seen and printed more.
    - if the client buys cover, layout, flyer, poster, business card etc. you may give him a package deal. also if he wants several myspace which only should have a different banner charge less, because you only have to make one background for all of these...
    - ask for the date when the work has to be done... if its overnight charge more.

    as a conclusion:
    1.dont set up a price list. cause creating a cover for one person may take one hour and its good to get 35$ but the other client wants a huge manipulation and it takes you 12hrs its not worth 35$ anymore...
    2. as a beginner dont set your pricing too high. ... after you build up a portfolio (better less and good peices, than a lot and crappy) then you can put your price up.
    3. ask the clients for their budget to see what they would invest.
    4. if you came to an intermediate level: DONT BE AFRAID TO TELL YOUR PRICE.


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