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Thread: Logo and website feedback needed!

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    Default Logo and website feedback needed!

    Hello, everyone!

    I need some constructive feedback for my logo and website, all designed by me. I am not the most gifted graphic or web designer, but I tried my best to get professional results on a student budget. Moreover, I am going to return the favour and give feedback to everyone who helps me.

    Kind regards,



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    Default Re: Logo and website feedback needed!

    Your logo design isn't that bad, it's a step in the right direction. I would probably take out the gasmask - how does that relate to you as an artist/producer/dj or brand? Also the "003" doesn't make sense in that font when you have a stylish brush looking script on the primary text. I'd probably put it under the ligature of the C to the J and give it the same arch and brush style. Lastly I'd take the top line out of the hyphen and leave it be, otherwise it looks like an equal sign.

    The site on the other hand I'm not a fan of at all. It has a Blogger look which you'll never get rid of while using Blogger. If you're going to go on a free hosting platform either go Tumblr or WordPress. Tumblr will give you a bit more design-wise if you're not willing to pay for Wordpress' premium service or willing to pay for hosting at a company. Get a nice premium Tumblr theme under $50 or have a professional design a unique one $200+. It's really worth it and much cheaper than full development on your own site. Though if your budget can afford it spring for full development on your own site, it's totally worth it.
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    Default Re: Logo and website feedback needed!

    hay i want to be discoverd can u make me a logo email me or contact me back


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