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Thread: How Do I Create Div Overlays?

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    Icon4 How Do I Create Div Overlays?

    I've always wondered how to create div overlays for myspace to give my page a whole different feel.

    I have photoshop CS3 and I know basic html. Do I need another program? Do I need a more in depth understanding of html?

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    Default Re: How Do I Create Div Overlays?

    check out this thread. it will help out.
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    Default Re: How Do I Create Div Overlays?

    Working with DIV is not really a HTML thing, it's a CSS thing.

    I would read a bit on CSS to learn how to use the DIV tags properly.
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    Default Re: How Do I Create Div Overlays?

    and after you do those if you still dont understand a thing on how to do a div layout for myspace you can always use this generator i give my friends when they want me to code a div layout for them - myspace div overlay code generator and other tools
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    Thank you guys foreal though! I know this will definitely help!

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