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    Hey whatz up, I'm trying to give my myspace a nice DIV layout but im having a hard time trying to get it up. I have it made in photoshop excatly how i want it and sliced with all the proper links and everything but i need some help trying to actually get it up on my myspace properly if anyone is willing to help me that would be great.

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    This is how i want it to look.

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    you gotta learn CSS coding. if you go on your own page, right click, then hit "view source" it will give you all the coding that is on your page. this will give you an idea on what is what. it takes time to learn & a lot of trial & error before you figure out how to get things just how you want them. you could always search for a tutorial on how to do it too.....

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    your doing it wrong. U don't slice it up.
    all u have to do is save what you've done as a picture and code it up. I can code it for you if you want and just study how its coded. just post up the it as a jpeg and ill code it. tell me what color you want your links and text.

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