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Thread: Guidline for Mixtapecovers /CD covers

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    Default Guidline for Mixtapecovers /CD covers

    fuck this kinda feedback.... this wack that wack....

    here you go:

    first of all... in my opinion TEXT is the most important element in a cover... thats why some covers only have text.
    next thing you should know that not every font fits to a cover. but how do you choose a font?
    the font has to be readable right away. that means you look at the cover for 2 secs and know: who made the mixtape and whats it called.
    then a font has to be chosen by the name of the cover. (expl. your mixtape is called Hell and Heaven. i would recommend you make Hell and Heaven in different colors and fonts. an evil font for hell and a nice clean font for heaven.)
    Note: every font has a character, sounds stupid but its true. you can easily figure it out be realising what you feel when you look at the font. (PAUSE)

    here are some fonts i found on a CP which are supposed to be good for covers (THX TO MJL / note: ididnt check em....)

    compacta- great font all around
    paint can- startin to show up less and less now
    Banana Split- more r&b-ish
    BadaBoom- too cartoonish for just any cover
    Bank Gothic- for promotional use only/so and so presents type thing
    Corleone or Mobster (same font except Mobster uses hand guns for lower case "r")

    also ther is a difference between MIXTAPE and NORMAL CD COVER.


    - often very busy, because the feature a lot of artist and they want to be on the cover,
    - most of the time have a big letter font.

    reference for classic mixtape covers:
    Team Brinkz... Graphic Design

    Normal covers:
    -focus on one artist/band
    -often the covers are just photographs + text (often the use close-ups, which are rarely used on mixtapes)

    Backround: it depends how big your render (psd file of the artist) is and how much you want to show.

    High focus on BG:

    Low focus:

    This also again depends on the name of the cd. lets actually take the name SKYLINE: of course you want a nice skyline in it like you did.

    i know this is just a guideline and there are not a lots of tutorials for covers out there, but i learned by copying. this means look for a cover which you like. if you like the text try to make a cover with a similar text. if you like the back with all the helicopters and policecars try to find some stocks and cuttem, trying to redo a similar background. eventually you will create your on style because one always gets inspired by others and put their own creativity in it.

    thats it.

    - dyna.

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    Default Re: Guidline for Mixtapecovers /CD covers

    Good Lookin Mayne!!! Nice post!

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    Default Re: Guidline for Mixtapecovers /CD covers

    thanks on the info dyna
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    Default Re: Guidline for Mixtapecovers /CD covers

    thats very informative. good shit

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    Default Re: Guidline for Mixtapecovers /CD covers

    Also if you need mix CD cover stocks... the major site is Official PSDs | Your PSD Image Community you will find
    * Helicopters
    * Cars
    * Brushes
    * Stock Images

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    Default Re: Guidline for Mixtapecovers /CD covers

    Thanks for posting, I like how you wrote it down.

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    Default Re: Guidline for Mixtapecovers /CD covers

    This is very helpful, thanks!


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