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Thread: time coded vinyl questions

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    Default time coded vinyl questions

    just got a couple questions, thx in advance.

    1) Is there a dif b/w vdj or serato ones?

    2) Do they work with any turntable/mixer?

    3) anything else i should i know about em?

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    i can tell u that serato works on all setups, dont no if they r the same as vdj, my guess is prob only work on there own software but could be wrong,
    the only thing that bugged me with serato was the diference in levels from mp3 to mp3,
    aparentley the newer versions make this less of an issue

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    Default Re: time coded vinyl questions

    serato > vdj

    the serato vinyl control are nearly flawless, i started with vdj and moved to serato and never looked back, best decision ever.

    Vdj timecodes are not all that great they tend to lose signal alot

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    Serato and Vdj timecode is different however in Vdj you can use the Serato disc to control Vdj (with a soundcard) but why not just get SSL at that point?


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