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Thread: Starting Out As A DJ

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    Default Starting Out As A DJ

    What do I need. Basically I want to DJ in my room to start off, basically DJ my own mixes and such...

    So I'm probably looking for cd turntables and such...or like something to just mix mp3s...basically I don't know much so far so that's why I'm enlisting your help to figure this out....

    because otherwise I'm just mashing and stuff in acid, trying to emulate djing...

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    Default Re: Starting Out As A DJ

    i guess u need a mixer , 2 cd player or 2 lp players if u want to do it with hardware but u can also get a dj software but really i don't know anything about dj stuff so ask other people

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    Default Re: Starting Out As A DJ

    A good way to get started is by getting a pair of technics cheap from ebay & a mixer too. You could also try using Final scratch / Traktor DJ.
    I'm Selling Final scratch & Traktor 3, take a look in ebay.

    I'm selling a few things as I don't really have time to use them:

    1. Final scratch 1.5:

    2. Traktor DJ studio 3:
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    Default Re: Starting Out As A DJ

    i though about buying a turntables, but its better to buy the CD-Mixer or DVD mixer, cause vinyls cost a lot, plus u mite not find some songs u want on the vinyl. Cd-mixers are expensive, but in the long run it will pay off ...


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