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Thread: Sellin that mixtape crack music

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    its all illegal to selll mixtapes,right?cuz i heard like soem arent and shit,i was jus confused,
    i got two mixtapes ive done with mixed and blended shit and i was employed to do the 1 year anniversary mixtape for a website, theres gunna be some exclusives on dat from some big names,but i was wondering if the ones i mixed wit people like dipset eminem and 50 cent were illegal toselll,i presume they r but my friend are over thinks otherwise



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    Here is the catch on that, It is illiegal to sell mixtapes thats why there is a catch, Ur selling the Cover Art and the case and the Cd is " Promotional " thats the catch and thats how we DJ's beat the system:D
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    If the labels and/or the artists really wanted to do something about it they could. But mixtapes help promote them, and it's like free promotion for them, money they don't have to put to getting their name and their image out.

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    yo quick question...where can I find juelz santana acapellas???? I've been looking for them and cant find anything...

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    Strictly speaking, that's not true. As they are the original copyright holders, they have control over everything, including distribution (whether you're giving it away or charging money for it is irrelevent).

    To be completely inside the law, you'd need to obtain a license to use the original artist's content on your mixtape. Of course, very few people actually do that.

    You'll probably end up just fine distributing your mixtapes to people, but strictly speaking, it's illegal. But then again, so is half this website. Depends on how much rick you're willing to take, I guess. ;)


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