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    Hi peeps, sorry I hav en't participated in anything since joining, but it's a pretty hectic time right now as I am in the process of moving house. The new premises has fantastic out-building which I am converting into a studio suitable for live recording as well.

    What is the situation with remixing songs (acapellas) from established artists?
    At what point in the whole process is it illeagal?


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    Not exactly understand the questin...

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    its illegal when u start making money of it, ofcourse if u do have permision to use it and make money its a diff story, but if u dnt have any permission then u cnt make money, not sure if they can do anything if u just mix for fun , i think once u actually have bought the song u can mix it

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    Well, in my opinion you can make money out of a remix when it's an official remix; so requested/approved by the creator. When it isn't
    an official remix and you're making money out of it it's illegal.
    Normally you can't make money out of a mashup or bootleg, because they are "illegal" anyway.
    When you're playing at a party, and you want to spin your own mashup or another one's mashup, you have to keep in mind that you
    must buy the original tracks (of wich the mashup is existing) or have a legal copy of a cd where the tracks are on. That are the rules in Belgium. If you play a mashup but you didn't bought the tracks, an organisation (called Sabam) can give you a fine.
    I explained it as clearly as I could :p


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    1) You can't make any money off a remix unless you gain permission from the person behind the original song.
    2) Think of it as a way of building up your craft and promoting yourself.
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    Yes you can use it to make some money but after permission of original owner of this song. If he allows then you can remix it and make good money.


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