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    I wanted to share a couple of links to BPM databases that have been uber helpful lately. If you're not using Acid or Virtual DJ, finding the BPM for songs can be a huge pain. These are all pretty great:

    *Tomkins Database: Music Database :: Dave Tompkins

    Just found this one. It hasn't been updated in a little while, but it contains a *huge* collection of accurate BPM numbers. I'm really glad the guy did this. He also posted information for the key of the song as well.

    *DJ BPM Studio: Dj BPM Studio - Ultimate Dj BPM Database

    Usually pretty good as well. I wish they had a search bar on their website, but you can look up tracks using Google fairly easily.

    *BPM Database: BPM Database

    This is pretty good. Some of the BPM numbers are a little off of other sources, but it is pretty easy to use.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thnx for da posting those links, pretty good.
    Also you can use MixMaestro Fusion/Studio to check BPM

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    OR u can dl serato scratch live, the software is free. in the settings put "read itunes library" so u dnt have to import all ur stuff, itl just read from ur itunes, and when u load a song in serato the bpm comes up, if u feel that its off, which it usually isnt but sometimes itll read 120 bpm on a slow jam which is really 60 bpm, theres a tap button so u can tap along with the beat and it comes up that way too


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