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    what's up everybody,
    I'm working on a new mixtape, and I'm looking for another dj to collab with, this project is going to be pretty big so if you are interested get at me.

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    Hey man,

    Depends what part i'd play.

    And what sort of mixtape is it? your own beats & vocals? remixes/blends or what?

    Holla back, I'm interested?

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    Default Re: Mixtape Djs (Check This Out)

    if its own beats id be down.
    The only rapper that keeps it real is my mans Tai Mai Shu :

    Check MY MANS OUT NOW!

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    Default Re: Mixtape Djs (Check This Out)

    It was own beats, but that project is almost done. Maybe I could work with yall on tmy next project.

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