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    I am interested in the mix tape game. I know several artist, but don't know how to approach them on a business level seeing is that we mainly are just friend any pointers?

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    Well, is it really gonna be a business situation?

    I wouldn't recommend trying to make money off of mixtapes, since the beats you will likely use will be copyrightten and to profit off a mixtape could get ya in trouble (look at Dj Drama)

    But the fact is just have a plan together... have beats ready, know what you wanna accomplish and what you want to do and then approach the artists and what not. Don't just be one of those "hey bro you should get on my mixtape or we should collab" and not have any plan.

    But i promise if you have a beat ready that you want them to be on and a specific number of bars and teh means to professionally record (b/c noone wants to sound like shit) then it shouldnt be a prob.

    If you do use copyrighted beats make sure to include a few "for promotional use only" in the tracks etc.

    good luck.

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