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Thread: Making Extended Mixes

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    Default Making Extended Mixes

    Making Extended Mixes

    ive noticed that alot of remixes/extends sound alot different to ultimix and xmix etc and i was wonderin if theres any procedures/gidelines etc for doin extended mixes?

    i usually lay some basic drums down all the way through the track with a 32 beat intro/outro, put a 32 or sometimes 64 beat 'break' at the start, middle and end, cut it up or whatever, then adjust my volume levels and limit to around -.1dB to avoid clipping
    BUT. it just doesnt sound right. if you listen to funkymix etc, youll notice that the drums dont clash with the instrumental. how the fuck do they do it!? i tried EQ but im using acid 7 and i just cant seem to get the effects working? i can get it EQd but im not sure what frequencies to cut and when i play back/render the dry mix still comes in.. it sounds like shit.

    also, when i use the panning envelopes in acid, why the fuck does the volume fluctuate?

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    Try using compression on the master and your drums. This should help a bit.

    I used acid for a long time and finally switched to ableton live. This program is very powerful and the sound quality is always great.


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