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    Alright... I've made a few blends, but i don't have any technique really. I just create a loop that i'm satisfied with, and I stretch it to match the bars I want. Sometimes the voices end up being off beat... or if its the whole song.. little by little the whole things goes off beat. Whats the secret?
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    Get it as close as possible. Change your BPM clock in smaller increments.... For instance, on 96 BPM. Try 96.25 if that is too slow try 96.50, then 96.75 and so on. When you've got it as close as possible. You can split your accapella right where your audio starts to drift. (preferable where the wave is small or quieter) Shift the wave on to right to the left or right. Make sure your wave is not locked to grid or you won't be able to place wave correctly.

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    The best remedy is to chop the pella into smaller pieces! there is no point having the whole song as one wave because it's hard to manage. say for instance the pella has been recorded from a vinyl, the BPM is going to vary because vinyls rarely ever spot on the whole way through. From my experience the best thing to do is chop your track up into seperate tracks for verses, chorus, bridges etc. then where you find the vocals are drifting try and snip out a few hundredths of a second here and there, also its a good idea to have an original version of the song open so you can go back and check where the words are meant to hit the beats. hope that helps.


    also once you have seperated the tracks and done all necessary editing, you can mix down the vocals to one track and save it for another blend where you will have a perfectly synced acapella!!!
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