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    Default \\\\\\\\ DJ Weavee Wee's Start [Equipment Help] ////////

    I want to buy turntables but I dont know which one to buy.

    I want to have two cd turntables (or do i?) and it hooked to my laptop with a mixer in the middle

    I need to find what would be good for a one time buy

    Also I need soundcards and everything.

    Basically I need to know everything i need and how much it is going to cost me

    Thanks FAM!!

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    Default Re: \\\\\\\\ DJ Weavee Wee's Start [Equipment Help] ////////

    yes you do want 2 turntables lol

    If your going with cd Pioneer is your best bet. they got some dope cd turntables. If they to expensive for you then you should go with Numark , American Audio or Denon, Those are the only turntables i recommend for CD turntable.

    Price is a problem because i dont no how much ur willing to spend so ill give a quick run down on different tables and prices and when i say CHEAP i dont mean the cd player is cheap i just mean price is cheap

    Recommended Pioneer - CDJ-1000MK3 price ur looking at for these beasts are around $1,300 each table but damn are these incredible to use.

    Recommended CHEAP Pioneer- CDJ-200 pro, price for these are about $400 each

    Recommended Numark - Axis 9 , price around $300 each. Numark really is that great but they decent and get the job done for a good price

    Recommended CHEAP Numark - Axis 4, price around $200 each, these arnt all that great imo but they real basic and good if u just starting out.

    Recommended American Audio - CDI-500 price around $400 each, cant go wrong with American Audio really, they good when it comes down to CD turntables

    Recommended CHEAP American Audio - CDI-300 price around $300 each. cheaper then the CDI-500 and less effects and such

    Recommended Denon - DN-HS5500 price around $900 each, Honesty Denon is incredibly great when dealing with CD turntables, i would say Denon is right up there with Pioneer.

    Recommended CHEAP Denon -DN-S1000 price around $400, ALOT cheaper then the HS5500 but i would say decent if ur just looking for something cheap

    Theres alot of Mixers out there to choose from but Theres only on mixer i think thats great for a good price that i HIGHLY recommend is the Pioneer DJM-400 runs for about $600 but damn this thing is a beast, it has everything u need in it.

    Now for all these things im only giving you the price and what i recommend, your gonna have search them up and check out what u think about them cuz not everyone got the same tastes.

    SoundCard is different, u really dont need top notch soundcard to get the job done. But i recommend any ASIO sound card cuz they tend to work great with Serato, Torq and VDJ

    Now you can make a great DJ set up for around $800 - $1000 and be happy with it. But it all depends on if u want top of the line or the decent stuff and Brand name adds alot to the price as well. Obviously Pioneer is expensive cuz they well known for there great Sound and product quality.

    Hope this helped you out abit.

    P.S. i have used most ot the things ive Recommended so im not Steering you wrong on these products, it just depends what ur style is.
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    Default Re: \\\\\\\\ DJ Weavee Wee's Start [Equipment Help] ////////

    And, if you are willing, you could purchase these items used on eBay to save even more money. You don't need a top of the line sound card (but one does help) but like Excrucial said, you need two turntables.

    Besides, if you are going to buy a sound card for a laptop, you are most likely going to have to shell out a lot of money and that really isn't necessary.
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    Default Re: \\\\\\\\ DJ Weavee Wee's Start [Equipment Help] ////////

    thanks guys..

    i have to use all my money i have now for spring break..if i didnt go there i could prolly afford the turntables

    ill prolly wait til i have like 1k so i can just buy everything at one time


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