Aight Dj Erick said something that has been on my mind 4 a while

Theres a Collabo section here --> <---

And what he said was there been alot of people saying yeah i'm available for a collab0 or requesting one, that will now change at least for us.

And by us i mean all the dj's on cp, the collabo section was and is linked to all of the other talent sections,
including ours in an effort to get everyone involved,
The change will be,
No more requesting a Collabo
it will only be use to submit a completed track.

Below is a thread where you can request for someone to work with.

Request it here --><--
That or drop your name and see if anyone responds which they will,
And also for the ones that didnt know, nows your chance to make a track and collaborate with someone.