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    I'm new to this dj stuff - what dyou reckon is the best turntable and music editing program 4 the nooby

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    It all starts with the budget,these days you either can start out with midi controller,cdjs or turntables,But in your case if you actually still wanna spin wax,Then the best one would be Technics which can run you a hefty 500 per table,which are still reguarded as the best after over 20 yrs by djs.2nd best behind Technics would be Vestex.As far as sound editing go,i'm not sure what to say on that one,its all on prefrence,you got the simple ones like Mix craft to the advance ones like Cool Edit Pro & Acid Pro.Just gotta know what you doing and try a couple out to see which one actually fits your style of djing,Some like to actually mix songs,some just do blends,some just like to scratch,its all based on your style and creativity.

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    nomatter what TECHNICS 1200 turntables period.

    dont get suckered with one of those "all in one" dj packages, theyre garbage.

    you just wanna make sure your serious about djin before you spring for the equipment, just an f.y.i and have fun!

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    1200's are the shit, but for a noob...... try sum cheap ones to get you started

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    technics are industry standard and always will be and if u do decide on them u wont be disappointed. i use vestax pdx 2000 and i prefer them but i agree if u just starting out id go for some cheaper decks make sure they direct drive tho maybe some numarks or something.

    - edit - just seen the date on the topic... prob already got som by now wasnt worth me posting lol

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    The Technics SLDZ-1200s are a good set also. They come with a big Price. But I think they are worth it. They are Cdturntables and u can also use the Serato program with them.

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    Technics sl 1200

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