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    I know there is a lot of discussion of mixing software, yet there hasn't been a lot of talk about Audacity.

    I just recently started mixing, and I have been trying to go with a Girl Talk-ish style using short samples. Specifically, I need to a) be able to easily navigate through full songs while chopping samples, and b) be able to alter the tempo of the samples.

    Previously, I tried using Garage Band, but I don't like being restricted to using songs with the exact same BPM. I am not good enough to work that limited group of songs together.

    Has anyone had success using Audacity? I downloaded it and experimented for a bit, and I liked its simplicity. Plus, it's free, which is great because I have basically no money to pour into this project (especially when it costs major dough to get real software like Audition or Logic).

    Any advice? I'd love to hear some feedback.

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    Never mind. I just saw that a similar discussion happened really recently. No idea how I missed that.


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