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Thread: Any torq users out there ?

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    Default Any torq users out there ?

    Please hit me up .. i been having trouble with this program and just wondered if anyone was going thru the same thing. I am ready to return it to the store and break down and get serato but i was told torq was just as good. I like the features i just can't get it to read one of my turntables ... help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Any torq users out there ?

    never heard of that program
    heard good stuff about Serato tho

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    Default Re: Any torq users out there ?

    Torq looks cool because it has built in effects. I've had Serato for over 3 years now and I'm very happy with it. If I didn't already have Serato I'd buy Torq because its 200 dollars less and has built in effects.

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    Default Re: Any torq users out there ?

    theres a bunch of torq videos on youtube but thats as close as i've ever got to it. im currently running through serato. its a great program. and thanks to this site, i love it even more. haha

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    Default Re: Any torq users out there ?

    i suggest...use the standard..wich is it wouldnt really effect your gigs get a program that will be easy to share and have steady upgrades

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    Default Re: Any torq users out there ?

    Hey guys,I need some help...:001_rolleyes:
    I wanna buy Torq,but I can't test it first so I need some info on it...
    Has anyone tried it? If you know anyone who has Torq give me their e-mail 'cause I really need some info...

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