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    My mixtape is coming out this summer we starting the promo first with the Mack Wilds Video and single and now a mixshow. 40 Minutes of me getting busy previewing what you can look for on that Thugged Out Blends 7 Witty Ignorance

    Witty Ignorance Promo by MoEfDaddy - HulkShare

    1. 50 Cent Ft Jadakiss Prodigy & Styles P & Kid Kid - Chase The Paper
    2. Mack Wilds Ft Cam'ron - Own it (DjEfsclusive Remix)
    3. Chris Brown Ft Lil Wayne & Tyga - Loyal (DjEfsclusive Remix)
    4. Mack Wilds Ft Mobb Deep & French Montana - Henny Remix
    5. Usher Ft Red & Method Man - Good Kisser (DjEfsclusive Remix)
    6. Soulja Boy - Time Is Money
    7. Nicky Minaj Ft Soulja Boy - Yas Bitch Yas
    8. Nicky minaj Ft Lil Herb - Chiraq
    9. Future Ft Pusha T - Move That Dope (Dj Efsclusive Remix)
    10.Future - Karate Chop (DjEfsclusive Remix)
    11. Cam'Ron Ft Juelz Santa - Dipshit

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    I'm listening to your mix and in my opinion your transitions are sloppy and some of your remixes in my opinion are not well put together bad acapella/instrumental choices.. you also use your vocal tag way too much its over done. your good kisser remix isnt so bad i like how method man sounds on the beat .. also some of your levels are off and the quality of some songs dont sound that great, This is just my opinion don't be offend. your move that dope remix sounds pretty good aswell.. pusha sounds good on that beat. This mix could be alot better and tighter in my opinion.. keep practicing

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