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Thread: we takin over (ROUGH BEAT)

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    Default Re: we takin over (ROUGH BEAT)

    you need to work on your volume
    thats the first thing i noticed.
    is this a diy pella?
    i like the beat alot...
    it would be better if the pella was alittle better
    the intro kinda weak
    as it went on though, atleast is was on point.
    keep doing yout thing.

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    Default Re: we takin over (ROUGH BEAT)

    yeh the pella is a diy and i lower the vol on the intro cuz i didnt wanna hear dj khaled sayin his gay ass name over and over lol...and yeh the beat is awesome

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    Default Re: we takin over (ROUGH BEAT)

    definately work on the intro and yes im with fabo on this u goto work on the execution of the pella, the pella is draggin a lil bit also, if u usin vdj try the keychanger and work on ur timing a lil bit also, concept was good but slow down and listen to it u had parts on and off all over the place..keep workin on it man i will look for some more from u to see how u doing, see listen to it around 4:05 u lost it, keep workin!!!

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    Default Re: we takin over (ROUGH BEAT)

    I like it
    Slowed way down
    The beat is great, I hate diy pellas
    It was on beat, Could relax and smoke a bleezy to this
    Good Mix 9/10

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    Default Re: we takin over (ROUGH BEAT)

    fabo and s harvey summed it up pretty well, but it's not bad, it has potential, it was interesting to hear a slower beat for this remix, it gives a different vibe... keep it up

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    Default Re: we takin over (ROUGH BEAT)

    Wow it almost works but you slowed the pella down a ton, the beat is decent it def has potential but i bet if you looked real hard you could find the pella to this. Beat and pella dont match whatsoever and its not one of those tracks where the tone change is a good one. Ross is way off.

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    Default Re: we takin over (ROUGH BEAT)

    beat is tight...the pella is diy.. ..would have been a bangin mix if the vibe of the pella was on poin on some points and rick ross also

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    Default Re: we takin over (ROUGH BEAT)

    its all been said already..
    lil off beat sometimes..
    beat is fuckin killer tho..
    diy pellas, yuk!!! i fukn hate um!!!

    nice chilled out mix of a bouncy track tho


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