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Thread: Walk It Out (Red Jack Remix)

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    not bad... i didnt think that you changed it that much but i still thought it was better than the original so ill give it a 7 out of 10.

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    Default Re: Walk It Out (Red Jack Remix)

    thank u all

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    this is ill... ima havta nab this... dope in all aspects...

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    yo i heard the whole thing ITS DOPE.... but can u please upload it somewhere else

    i cant register member at the soundclick site

    but your mix is so dope.... i need that MIXXXXXXXXXX

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    Default Re: Walk It Out (Red Jack Remix)

    This Unk Joint Is Crazy!!!
    everybody leanin !! lol damn i love this track for sho !!! i have put this acapella in my Sticky Thread "post ur best acapella u have in This Section " haha damn i love it i give it 100/10 !!!!!!!!

    this mix is fire! the beat is great thank you!
    thanks man. i always appreciate your stuff.

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    That was awesome. Thousand miles out of my league. What do you use?

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