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Thread: Until the end of time 2pac

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    Default Until the end of time 2pac

    lemme know what you think

    EDIT: tweaked a bit; until the end of time 2pac.mp3 - 4.32MB
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    not on point fam, go to go back and re-do this one playa, 1st chcek ur bpm's which u may be able to line up, if not u can make it work being that it does not sound to far out of sync, just needs a lil tweaking fam, beat is crazy which im feelin and im feelin the lil tags/drops u put in the remix also, just got to line up the pella a lil more fam, remix has some potential fam just fix the line up of the pella..peace!!! keep doing ur thing will be lookin for more to see the progression!!!

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    Default Re: Until the end of time 2pac

    thanks bro, ill probably re-do it and put it up again tomorrow.

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    Default Re: Until the end of time 2pac

    ite tweaked it a bit

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    ehhh, still a little off. i think the timing on entrance of pac should be pushed back a little. keep at it though

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