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Thread: Throw Some D's (blend)

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    Default Throw Some D's (blend)

    Rich Boy- Throw Some D's (lyrics) >>><<< Caddilac Don & J Money- Peanut Butter & Jelly

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    Default Re: Throw Some D's (blend)

    come on now 12 views and no respnses

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    Default Re: Throw Some D's (blend)

    SoundClick MP3: DJ Skeet (MI) - Blended hip-hop, R&B and some rock/alternative songs

    ok i finally got a sound click so now you dont have to DL it to listen..........can i please get some reviews now?

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    Default Re: Throw Some D's (blend)

    its sick man did u make the beat the beats sick as well

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    Default Re: Throw Some D's (blend)

    thanks man....nah the beat aint mine wish i could sat it was is Caddilac Don and J-Money: Peanut Butter and Jelly

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    Default Re: Throw Some D's (blend)

    you need to slow down da acapella so it can blend in wit da instrumental, its alright though.:thumbup1:

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    Default Re: Throw Some D's (blend)

    i did slow it think it needs more?

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    Default Re: Throw Some D's (blend)

    yeah....the begining of the song sounds pretty good then when it goes to the verse its more obvious that the words are to fast

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    Default Re: Throw Some D's (blend)

    agreed, cool tho

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    Default Re: Throw Some D's (blend)

    so basiclly the chorus is cool i just need to slow down the main verses?

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    Default Re: Throw Some D's (blend)

    Ok i listened to it all the way and the first chorus is perfect, then halfway through the first verse the words start going faster than the beat .....the second chorus the beat jumps and restarts in a different spot and doesn't match up anymore, then there's a pause when the second verse is supposed to start and that whole verse is faster than the beat........third chorus sounds like its strugglin to keep from speedin up on the beat, verse is still to fast.....end of song sounds like the words are going to fast for beat

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    i agree with everyone above me.. the beginning is good, but as the song goes on the words are too fast for the beat.... work on this track a little bit more by slowing it down where it needs it and this song should be pretty good.

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    Default Re: Throw Some D's (blend)

    thanks Medicj02 and DJ Pumasoes and everyone else.........i am going to work on this bitch to perfect it

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    Default Re: Throw Some D's (blend)

    yeah id say turn it down a lil bit. im about to post some of my mixes.

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    Default Re: Throw Some D's (blend)

    ye i agree wid wat ppl been sayin it doesnt really ride the beat right the pella souns too fast

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