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Thread: Throw Some D's (blend)

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    It Is Sick

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    thanks for the feedback

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    starts off good, needs revision towards the end, after that its still a hot track

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    thanks man i am currently perfecting it

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    yea it starts good but then it fuks up

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    Dude, it's totally OFF BEAT I'm sorry but it sounds TERRIBLE.

    Go to my myspace account and look at my Video remixes... I remix this song with Lil Scrappy's - Oh Yeah. That's how it should be done. It actually starts in the propper place. and stays on beat. Nice effort though. Try downloading Virtual dj, it will help you alot.
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    To be honest, Lyrics dont match the beat..You need to either slow the lyrics down or something. It was a nice try though. Its really hard to blend, but once you get the hang of'll be straight. Look out for my blends...PYNKPUSSSYCAT

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    Sounds Good....just Make Some Minor Tweeks And U Got It

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    its cool

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    Quote Originally Posted by DjReggaetonero View Post
    you need to slow down da acapella so it can blend in wit da instrumental, its alright though.:thumbup1:
    Same Here Its Seems Off A Little Bit.
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    none of u got it right except mikeymike and pynkpussycat... theres like a few seconds its actually on beat... BUT wen u do fix this, it will b bangin'

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