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    Alright figured I'd put out these few Pac joints I've had for a minute before I put out my mixtape on Dec 1st. The don't stop song isn't fully done as I wanted to go back and do more to it and fix a few things but here it is anyways. 2nd one is something I did months ago that was supposed to be for some other project that never came to light so here that is too. Neither will be on the tape or the leftovers of The Alliance that I'll put out on the 24th.

    2Pac feat DPG - Don_t Stop [PHX Mix].mp3 - DivShare
    2Pac Fuck em all PHX Mix.mp3 - DivShare

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    2Pac feat DPG - Dont Stop : definately feelin the vibe of the remix but yeah i can see u need to finish this track, but stll overall a solid track feelin it.

    2Pac Fuck em all: beat is bangin 1st off, and errbody flowing over this like butta, another head banger...will peep the mixtape with track by track feedback so all u people needing some talent points go peep the mixtape and give feedback on this mixtape track by track..peace stay up!!!

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    You definitely got the right beats PHX to create that thug passion sound scape for the G's and the ryders..Much Flavor & a different twist for 2pac die hearts. Tho not my preferred genre(yes everyone knows what it is on the board by now)-Ha! Ha!- but I always give credit where it is due...In most cases I'm like if you heard one pac mix you'll heard them all cuz there's been so many to count to date. But not in this case the tracks were well selected for a slightly new twist. A little tweak here and there & its on and popping..Love the Creativity....Peace Out..Tuc

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    Thanks for the feedback very good stuff from both of y'all & and glad you gonna check out the tape and leave track by track feedback Shawne as that's the best kind of feedback. Hope y'all follow his lead.


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