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Thread: Tech N9ne- Everybody Move(Sokalmix)

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    Default Tech N9ne- Everybody Move(Sokalmix)

    I haven't posted a mix in awhile on this site cause it was dead for awhile....but ive responded to a couple of ok mixes...

    Here is one of my newest mixes nothing special.

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    Default Re: Tech N9ne- Everybody Move(Sokalmix)

    Sounds pretty solid only thing I don't like is the hook on this beat just sounds a bit odd when Tech starts the main part of the hook. Besides that good job.

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    Default Re: Tech N9ne- Everybody Move(Sokalmix)

    i like it, the verses are done the best

    I mix, make beats, and more, contact me at to inquire about beats and/or mixing.

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    Default Re: Tech N9ne- Everybody Move(Sokalmix)

    First off...lower your levels.

    Verses fit very well. I liked it. Although I agree on the hook sounded a bit off on some parts. Overall it was a nice edit, could use a little cleaning here and there.


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