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    "success" remix. Just tryin something different and messin with some old acapellas. Let me know what you think]beat 126.2.mp3 - 2.94MB[/URL]

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    Default Re: Success remix did this remix get a 4star rating with no actual feedback besides me lol, anyway this remix fam is way off playa, track was nice with the pella but the pella was dropped way to late from the jump, need to go back and re-do this one and drop it at the right time, listen to ur track or get the count, remix will be pretty good once u line up the pella with the beat, will be lookin for the fixed remix..ite playa keep workin on your craft...peace!!!

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    This one of those songs thats pretty hard to keep on beat because of the way Jay flows, but to be honest the blend is only on for about 1/4 of the whole blend. Beat is cool, even if it was on, it would sound a little dry. Just my opinion. Keep doin you, look forward to hearin more.

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    You have to leave more info on the artists man, the jay z pella sounded loud. it sounded on beat but sounded on going like I mean the beat, woulda been nice if another loop got thrown in their.

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    id turn down the pella a bit or maybe even try a different rapper on this beat. not a bad concept though, looking forward to finished.


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