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Thread: So Long Good Bye (DJ Smith & Wesson Mix)

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    Default So Long Good Bye (DJ Smith & Wesson Mix)

    Pella isn't that good, but please don't judge on that. Interviews are CPU so they aren't amazing quality either.

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    Default Re: So Long Good Bye (DJ Smith & Wesson Mix)

    This is dope S&W....once you go beyong the cpu parts it fully connects...and yea its deff similar 2 my latest track...i will do my best 2 find you the studio/o.g. 4 that mix...cut it would be 10/10 if you had a better quality pella

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    Default Re: So Long Good Bye (DJ Smith & Wesson Mix)

    E'ry thing matched up well, but i thought tha pella coulda been up alil bit more. Oh, nevermind, that was just at the first verse. Nice concept & a great job fam, i co sign about the pella tho.
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    Default Re: So Long Good Bye (DJ Smith & Wesson Mix)

    im liking this a lot
    i do agree
    first verse coulda been higher
    but i like the concept
    and yes very much like mx latest track
    this is a decent track
    good job

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    Default Re: So Long Good Bye (DJ Smith & Wesson Mix)

    First of this happens to be one of my favorite Tupac songs (though I love like most of his stuff anyways) just don't really hear many Shed So Many Tears mixes so this was good to hear. Not much you can do about the pella as far as the quality goes so can't and won't hold that against this mix. However as said the first verse could have been louder tho but thats about it. I love this beat I'm assuming you made this? What's the sample sounds pretty good. Mixing is on point as well. Great job with this I love it.

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