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Thread: -=>Saaphir Presents : Makaveli/2pac - The War & Peace Project Mixtape<=-

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    Default -=>Saaphir Presents : Makaveli/2pac - The War & Peace Project Mixtape<=-

    So I'm finally dropping my first mixtape.It is a double CD's mixtape and the title is War & Peace.
    The concept was to show 2 sides of Tupac Shakur's personality,his thug side (The War Disc) and his soft side (The Peace Disc).
    The War Disc is more "street" orientated.It contains all the angry tracks.
    The Peace Disc contains all the soft tracks (except for I'm Gettin Money,Po ----- Blues & Just Like Music) and is more "old school-club-RnB" orientated.
    Of course,everyone won't like all the tracks but I'm proud of my work and in contrary to a lot of people who post their remixes on Internet,I took my time to "perfect the beat",to make sure that the pella is perfectly on beat and on the right bar and that the vocals are not too low or to loud.
    And to the people who will tell me that 2pac would never rap over the type of beats I've chosen,I will just answer that I'm not Johny J and it's a just remix mixtape full of blends.I tried most of time to choose a beat which fits the mood of the pella.
    It's been 3 months that I worked on it,and I spent sometimes more than 5 hours just for one mix so I will retire from making remixes for the moment.Maybe I'll drop one or two mixes from time to time but that's all.
    And if I ever make an other mixtape again,I'll try to produce all the beats by myself.
    Oh,there's still no cover yet...:sad:

    -=>Saaphir Presents : Makaveli/2pac - The War & Peace Project<=-

    -=>Saaphir Presents : Makaveli/2pac - The War & Peace Project<=- filefront link

    The War Disc Part I yousendit link
    The War Disc Part II yousendit link

    The Peace Disc (Part I) yousendit link
    The Peace Disc (Part II) yousendit link

    The War Disc (Part I) zshare link
    The War Disc (Part II) zshare link

    The Peace Disc (Part I) zshare link
    The Peace Disc (Part II) zshare link


    -=>The War Disc<=-

    1 - Whatcha Gonna Do,Bitch! feat. Storm [Produced By Dr. Dre]
    2 - Me & My Homeboyz feat. Young Noble [Produced By Dr. Dre]
    3 - Fuck Em All feat. Outlawz [Produced By Dr. Dre & Scott Storch]
    4 - This Life G's Lead (Cali's In The House Mix) feat. Outlawz
    5 - Still Ballin' feat. Kurupt [Produced By Battlecat]
    6 - Fake Ass Bitches [Produced By Dr. Dre]
    7 - Keep Their Heads Ringin' [Produced By Dr. Dre]
    8 - Whoa (Thug Style) [Produced By Jonathan "JR" Rotem]
    9 - Open Fire [Produced By The Neptunes]
    10 - Holla If Ya Hear Me
    11 - So So Krazy feat. Outlawz (Komradz)
    12 - Hellrazor feat. Stretch
    13 - Don't Make Enemies With Me feat. Young Thugz[Produced By The Alchemist]
    14 - When We Ride On Our Enemies
    *Bonus Track* - This Motherfucking Life I Lead (Street Version)
    *Bonus Track* - Don't Go To Sleep (Lady Heroin Mix)

    -=>The Peace Disc<=-

    1 - Just Like Music (We Can't Stop) feat. Outlawz & Marvin Gaye [Produced By Erik Sermon]
    2 - I'm Gettin Money [Produced By Dr. Dre]
    3 - Po' ----- Blues (Cause I Had To) [Produced By DJ Quik]
    4 - So Addictive feat. SKG [Produced By DJ Quik]
    5 - Can U Get Away feat. Janet Jackson [Produced By Trackstar]
    6 - Thugz Get Lonely Too feat. Thug Life [Produced By Red Spyda]
    7 - Got 'Till It's Gone feat. Janet Jackson & Q-Tip [Produced By Jimmy Jam,Jerry Lewis & Janet Jackson]
    8 - Remember The Old School feat. Rakim [Produced By DJ Clark Kent]
    9 - Can't Keep Runnin Away feat. The Notorious BIG & The Pharcyde
    10 - It's Gonna Be Alright (Happy Home) feat. J-Lo [Produced By The Trackmasters]
    11 - Baby Don't Cry feat. Outlawz [Produced By Scott Storch]
    12 - Letter To My Unborn Child feat. ANTHEM
    13 - The Way It Is [Produced By Just Blaze]
    14 - Hold On Be Strong feat. Stretch [Produced By Kanye West]
    15 - C U When U'll Get There feat. 40 Thevz [Produced By Mr. Dominique De Romeo]
    16 - Who Do U Believe In feat. Kadafi & Big Pimpin [Produced By Cool & Dre]
    17 - 16 On Death Row

    All tracks remixed and arranged by Saaphir for -=Immortal souljaZ=- production.
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    Default Re: -=>Saaphir Presents : Makaveli/2pac - The War & Peace Project Mixtape<=-

    Reply to three people in the talent section, afterwards ill reopen your thread.


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