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Thread: Roseli Remixes...,Lil Wayne ,Wu,Wiz,Gucci ect

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    Default Roseli Remixes...,Lil Wayne ,Wu,Wiz,Gucci ect

    Please give me your opinion on my mixes, some old some new

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    Default Re: Roseli Remixes...,Lil Wayne ,Wu,Wiz,Gucci ect

    just a word of advice for the future try not to post that many remixes in 1 post u will get more feedback with a single post instead of 6 of them, but i did listen to them and to keep it short all of the remixes were on point and was soundng pretty good also, good job on them all but narrow it down to 1 or 2 max not 6 lol...peace fam and stay active.

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    Default Re: Roseli Remixes...,Lil Wayne ,Wu,Wiz,Gucci ect

    ahhh, sorry im new to this

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    Default Re: Roseli Remixes...,Lil Wayne ,Wu,Wiz,Gucci ect

    ive listen to the first track its hot very dirty south ish man. good music keep it up. maybe u can return the favor and also check me out? SoundClick artist: HD Production - page with MP3 music downloads

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    Default Re: Roseli Remixes...,Lil Wayne ,Wu,Wiz,Gucci ect

    Room for improvement, but I'm digging most of the tracks.
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