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Thread: RIhanna_ft_Lil_Wayne-Pon_De_Replay_Remix

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    Nice mix ..Theres a couple of things i would fix if u want radio plays .. But its hot .. Try mixxing a couple more words from other songs to give it some life .. Keep up da Good Work

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    dam i forgot i posted this mix here,Kreate,i didnt really want anyone else in there but i feel what you sayin, theres a couple little things imma do to it. thx for the feedback though

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    Man bro i luv the orignal track so im checkin it out..


    The intro's pretty cool man. goes on a lil to long. But still good. Ill edit it myself to make it suit me. Now for what you added in, man thats off the hook man... that pella makes it off the hook. Soundz like you looped the instrumental for the extra verses, all gud though.

    I made me a ludacris mix of this track to. cause this a hell clubber beat.

    Shot for the mix anyways man...

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    yea i looped them for the verses of waynes,but ive actually already shortened the intro, and took out a lil and added a lil...ill post it tomorrow sometime

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    big propz ma dude.. sounds pretty good.. yea the intro is a lil to long..and some parts u hear rhianna comin back in and u cut her off cuz waynes verse starts.. u should fix that.. and itll be great ma dude.. good job on this.. i give this 8.5/10..

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    i changed it recently, check my myspace for the new version. peace

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    Wow... just wow...

    lil wayne sounds really kick-ass to that beat.
    Good stuff ignore what the haters say.

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    It was good kepp up the good work

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    thanks yo


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