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Thread: Remember The Moment [weavee blended]

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    Default Remember The Moment [weavee blended]

    I love this acapella to Sing For The Moment, and I used Virtual DJ and saw that it went well with Remember The Name. I didn't try anything special with it yet til I get reviews from you guys saying if it sounds tight or not. Enough talkin' here it is. Feedback?

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    Yo what up? i like the whole concept but i dont know this could just be me but i think that the acapella gets a little too fast in some areas. It starts off good but then it falls off, then gets back on again. you could concider going in and chopping it up, using acid or cool edit. thats what i do when a acapella isnt working right.



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    Not bad Not bad.....Did get a little off here and there.....

    couple of things......Choice in music.....Eminem is out brah.....old shit......but still nice to hear every once in a while. I wouldn't play it at my club. I'd get boo'd.
    There's some gaps where there's no pella. You need to fill that with something. Like another pella or sound samples or something. Honestly overall I'd give it a 6/10. Only cause it didn't jump out at me and get my attention. No WOW factor.

    Not bad for your first posted blend.
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    i really didn't try for that wow going to re-do it to try and edit it..i threw it together in like 15 min..ill re-post when finished

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